Minds Matter Magazine (MMM) is a community platform focusing on student perspectives so we can all thinktalk, and take action on matters related to mental health.

We tackle three priorities that we feel are not prioritized in the current reaction to addressing student mental health issues across Canada:

  • Intersectionality – acknowledging and shedding light on the interrelated experiences of those with marginalized backgrounds that often compound the struggle to lead dignified and healthy lives;
  • Actionable awareness – engaging our readers to take action in learning by doing;
  • Recovery through community belonging – healing in a supportive and creative environment.

In reinforcing these under addressed priorities, we aim to do so through a multi-modal approach.

  • Multidisciplinary – to include and integrate the strengths of every discipline possible in informing our understanding
  • Multifaceted –  to organize articles and issues according to themes; to ensure that we cover a diversity of themes and remain current with the times
  • Multimedia – to convey the information through every modes of mediums possible

Digitally-based, we offer content from September to April of every school year with online articles on a bi-weekly basis (for the time-being) and our flagship annual issue.

Based at the University of Toronto Scarborough and hoping to extend our reach to other post-secondary campuses.